The Quadra Feral Cat Group is pleased to announce that we are now a Registered Charity and tax receipts are available for donations made to our group.

We now have an account at the Quadra Credit Union! 


We're currently canvassing local veterinarians to see who is able to assist with health screening, spay/neuter surgeries, de-worming and de-fleaing, vaccinations, and ear tattooing of feral cats.

With spring come new kittens, and we have an urgent need to raise funds to cover the costs for vet visits for approximately 40+ cats in the area around the elementary school and Village Square. From our research, this is the largest of at least half a dozen feral cat colonies we're currently aware of on the island, and we will attend to it first.

We're offering high profile mention of sponsors in all our communication with the public and media - and we're hoping you'll be able to assist us with a donation toward the required vet care, foster care, pet food and trapping equipment needed for these cats.

We are a group of committed volunteers and have already received donations for 3 traps. We are prepared to undertake all trapping and transportation requirements as well as the coordination of foster care and adoption for the cats that can be socialized to live as pets.

We now have an account open at the Quadra Credit Union under the name of the Quadra Feral Cat Group.
Donations can also be made online via our paypal account.

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated!


Quadra Feral Cat Group
P.O. Box 192

Heriot Bay, BC 
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250-285-CATS (2287) or



Quadra Cat Rescue accepts Electronic Funds Transfers! If you'd like to make a donation this way, please send it to

Thank you!

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Foster Homes Needed!

Quadra Cat Rescue does not support the practice of declawing of cats. We have been asked by AdoptMe Canada to post a link to their anti-declawing campaign where a petition can be signed. Please click here to view it.


Quadra Cat Rescue
P.O. Box 192

Heriot Bay, BC 
V0P 1H0
250-285-CATS (2287)