Quadra Cat Rescue has been contacted a number of times regarding lost pet cats so we have decided that it makes sense to create a page on our website for the community to post lost and found pets. It is our hope to help pets on Quadra Island get back home so they can be reunited with their families. If you have lost or found a pet on Quadra Island, you can send us a description and photo of that pet and we will post it for you on our website. Please be sure to include your contact information so people can get in touch with you directly.


Found cat, Hyacinthe Bay Rd./Hopespring Rd. area,

Grey and white, with a white mustache, possibly female.
If you’ve lost or recognize this cat please call Quadra Cat Rescue 250-285-CATS (2287) or the finder at 285-3114

Lost! Benjamin went missing about Nov. 1st, 2012 from West Rd not far from the Community Garden. He's a mature black and white cat with the distinguishing feature of a round black spot in the white on his chin. If you see Benjamin, please contact his family at 285-2422.

LOST! Lilly went missing on Gowland Harbour Road last Friday May 25th.  She may be making her way back to her old home on Schooner Road.


If you see her please call 202-4015.

April 19th, 2012: LOST! Freddy, a neutered, male cat who is 4 years old went missing from Camp Homewood about a year ago. If you have seen him please contact the number below. And if you have adopted him, please call the number below just so we know that he is safe and happy.





Or you can email Quadra Cat Rescue and we can pass on the message to Roberta. quadracatrescue@yahoo.com

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Lost! Columbus went missing in early February. Her family was away for a month and had left their cat with someone near the Community Centre and Columbus took off. She is a solid older grey female with a small white patch on underbelly and a white toe on each hind paw (small, about six pounds). If you have seen her, please contact her family at 250-285-2344.

Lost! Tux is a young neutered male with a tattoo. He went missing after the big lightening storm we had on Feb. 3, 2011 from 1331 Buker Road. He is a fairly large, long  sleek black cat with a distinctive white mustache, chest, tummy and parts of all four paws. He has been a very friendly, easy going cat that we all miss greatly. We are still hoping to find him and reunite him with his sister and the rest of the family. Please call us at 285-2226 if you think you have seen him.

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If you have lost a pet, be sure to check with all of your neighbours and people on your street to ensure that your pet hasn't become trapped in an outbuilding or basement.

~Pets are very often found quite close to the area where they were lost from so it's important to continue to search close by especially if your pet has become spooked by something and may be too afraid to come out yet. And if you've lost a cat, don't forget to look 'up' because they can and do get stuck in trees, especially if they've been chased and have scrambled up in search of safety.


~Posting flyers around the island is very important and lets everyone know that your pet needs help getting home. Placing ads in the Discovery Islander and Hungry Eye and on the Gumboot will help get the message out too.


This determined little guy came out of the woods last week just before the big snowstorm, appearing at a home where he had to brave the 3 resident dogs in order to get a meal and some shelter. 
He’s now safe in foster care and has had a vet check and his first vaccinations & is in good health; he will be neutered soon, and is ready for his forever home. 
He still has his baby teeth which means he’s about 4½-5 months old.
He’s very friendly and sweet, purrs up a storm when he gets human attention, and likes to play with toys. He is very easy to have around, quiet and undemanding when left on his own - all in all he’s a very mellow kitten. 
Call his foster person directly if you’d like more info at 250-285-3686, or email quadracatrescue@yahoo.com if you like.

Adult cat looking for new home. Click on image below for more info!


Friendly adult cat named Sammy needing a home:
He is an elder guy, very friendly and easy to have around, basically was left behind when his owner moved away. He is white with orange and long-haired. More photos and info to follow. 

LARRY THE AWESOME CAT... click HERE for more info!

These two girls are looking for home sweet home! Click HERE for more info. 

Please click on photo for more info

Foster Homes Needed!

Looking for some mousers?

Quadra Cat Rescue is seeking a barn or property with suitable outbuilding for 3 cats.

They will be fixed, vet checked and vaccinated. Donations are always appreciated, however, the cats will be available at no cost to individuals who offer them the opportunity to live in a sheltered, rural environment where they will be fed daily.  

These cats were fed by a resident who has passed away and now the cats must be removed from the property. We need to find them a new place to call home soon.

If you have a property on Quadra Island that would be suitable for this trio, please let us know. 285-CATS (2287)

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Quadra Cat Rescue now has a lost and found page for pets on Quadra! Click HERE to view.

Quadra Cat Rescue does not support the practice of declawing of cats. We have been asked by AdoptMe Canada to post a link to their anti-declawing campaign where a petition can be signed. Please click here to view it.


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