Quadra Feral Cat Group
Purpose: To aid and humanely manage the feral cat population, including stray and abandoned cats on Quadra Island, B.C.  To achieve this goal, Quadra Feral Cat Group shall undertake the following activities:

1) Sterilization: The group uses the proven and humane method of live trapping, spaying and neutering and release. The spay/neuter is done by local veterinarians and includes a health check, basic vaccinations and treatment for parasites. The group provides the transportation to and from the veterinary clinic, observes recovery after surgery, and then releases the cat back to its original location. Feral colonies will be monitored for continued general health and any new arrivals that may need trapping and sterilization. If possible, a feral colony will be provided shelter and regular feeding. Quadra Feral Cat Group does not support spay/neuter surgery for injured or unhealthy feral cats as we believe it is inhumane to return an animal to the colony if it cannot be treated for injuries or incurable disease.

2) Taming and Fostering: Strays and abandoned cats and feral kittens are often adoptable and can be found good, permanent homes. Quadra Feral Cat Group will foster and socialize these animals, assessing them for temperament, and provide a veterinary check (general health check, vaccinations, treatment for earmites, fleas, deworming). Arrangements will be made to spay/neuter at the earliest possible time. Quadra Feral Cat Group supports pediatric spay/neuter, ensuring that cats and kittens that are adopted out will not reproduce.  

3) Public Awareness: Raising public awareness of
the importance of spaying and neutering pet cats is vital to the success of Quadra Feral Cat Group's efforts. The group is aware that feral cat colonies typically originate from people dumping unwanted cats, and will provide an example of caring and responsibility for our entire community. We will work to increase public awareness through news stories and by advertising, mall and market displays, posters, presentations at schools and public venues and regular updates on our website.

Quadra Feral Cat Group will also advocate a low-cost spay/neuter program for those people on reduced income or otherwise unable to afford this surgery and will work toward development of such a program in conjunction with the SPCA and local veterinarians.

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Quadra Cat Rescue does not support the practice of declawing of cats. We have been asked by AdoptMe Canada to post a link to their anti-declawing campaign where a petition can be signed. Please click here to view it.


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