Volunteer your time (fundraising, fostering)

Donations (of any amount)

Sponsor a cat to get it spayed or neutered


Provide a loving home by adopting a kitten or adopting a rescued stray cat

Cat food (dry and canned)

B.C. Ferry Cards (to be used for transportation to and from vet clinics for spays/neuters)


Donate items to our Online Garage Sale


Create crafts to sell for our group


Volunteer Knitters to knit catnip mice and pompoms to sell (please see 'fundraising page' for various patterns)


Kitty Litter for our fostered kittens

Quadra Cat Rescue accepts Electronic Funds Transfers! If you'd like to make a donation this way, please send it to quadracatrescue@yahoo.com

Thank you!

New! If you’re interested in adopting a cat or kitten from Quadra Cat Rescue, the first step is to fill out our adoption form. Click 'HERE' to access the form!

Please click on photo for more info

Foster Homes Needed!

Quadra Cat Rescue does not support the practice of declawing of cats. We have been asked by AdoptMe Canada to post a link to their anti-declawing campaign where a petition can be signed. Please click here to view it.


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